When you wonder if you’ll ever feel like you again…

It can cause emotional pain. You may feel disconnected from yourself, the ones you love, and your purpose.

I call this a Critical Life Moment.

It’s an important crossroad in your life.  Everything gets shaken up. Perhaps you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, facing the end of an important relationship, feeling burnt out, or even navigating a change you planned for- like becoming a parent or starting a new career.

The decisions you make and how you negotiate this moment significantly impacts your health, wellness, and self-confidence. You may feel vulnerable.

Yet it’s also an incredible opportunity for healing and growth.

Learning how to adapt can make the difference between surviving and thriving.

This is why I do what I do, because you deserve to live a full and resilient life.


Imagine how you’d respond to this moment if you believed in your radiance…

Envision what would happen if you shared that luminous energy with yourself and the ones you love.

  • How would this transform your relationship with your body, mind, and spirit? 
  • What kinds of changes, experiences, or opportunities would you have the courage to pursue?
  • How might your inspired and nurtured self transform the world around you?

These questions are what we’ll answer together when you sign up for

When you harness the power of curiosity and creativity for healing and growth…

Your life experiences become the fuel for your inner beacon of light to shine.

You thrive when you feel liberation coming from within, for it brings out your most beautiful self. This may embolden you to live a life that reflects what matters most to you.

Join me on this path. Let’s walk together.

My role is to help you learn how to spark your curiosity and experience the magic of art therapy. All you need is a desire to feel better and a few simple art supplies- no artistic skill necessary to benefit from these practices.

Below are the coaching packages that I offer.

Coaching Packages:

This has promoted my feeling of being worth the effort to improve and search out support, to get more out of life, more value.

This online workshop was perfect!!! Healing!!! and with a talented woman who truly understands what it is like and I so appreciate and respect that.

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