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I offer transformational training workshops and retreats for therapists to learn how to use creativity in session with clients, a powerful tool that builds confidence from the inside out. No artistic talent is required to benefit from these practices. These events are offered in collaboration with my colleague, Beth Eilers, LCSW, who is an expert in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT blends effortlessly with Art Therapy and enhances your client’s ability to thrive.

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I really appreciated this training as before coming in, I was nervous to work with clients with major medical illnesses. In the training, I felt more confident in my skills and appreciated the activities I can bring into sessions so as to create connection and understanding with clients and patients facing such difficulties.

This training helped me and several other clinicians on my team to learn new and innovative interventions for work with clients impacted by cancer. The training, and trainers, were accessible and supportive. I would highly recommend this training to anyone working with clients impacted by their or a loved one’s serious illness.

Exceptional workshop, exposure to the skills and how it can be utilized, educational rationale for how to use it at different points in treatment with patients, ideas of how art enhances the skill for patients and then being able to experience myself. It was powerful to hear Stephanie and Beth’s experiences, they were real and easily shared their work. It was great to have the workshop with others doing similar and share our experience after exercises.

As a conditional clinician, I am game for learning and exploring all different modalities. This training was a great way of learning a well respected model like ACT with an alternative model twisted in.