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I offer transformational presentations, workshops, and retreats to help people access their innate creativity, a powerful tool that builds confidence from the inside out. 

Would your organization like to build community and strength by finding greater understanding, new solutions, and deeper engagement with the talents that lie within each one of us?

Speaking Topics:

The Psychology of Cancer and Life-Threatening Illness

Illuminate the mental health impact of a life threatening disease and where to begin

Taking Care of the Whole Patient

Mental health and medical illness for providers, caregivers, and advocates

Thriving During Times of Uncertainty

Discover the key building blocks of resiliency and tools for mental health wellness

Art Therapy for Coping and Expression

Learn how Art Therapy excels as a tool for storytelling and healthy coping 

Cancer Survivorship — Finding Your Way Forward

Identifying the core needs of cancer survivorship and how to create a plan for healing

Your presentation provided a great deal of support and awareness for our attendees. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive.  Your presentation and time spent with attendees really embodied our mission of LBBC, providing trusted information and a community of support.

Amy Grillo

Associate Director, Educational Programs, Living Beyond Breast Cancer

This was a wonderfully interactive and energetic session. Stephanie’s openness about her own life experiences coupled with her ability to affirm the experiences of others allowed those in attendance to feel safe to open up about their fears and frustrations surrounding their own diagnoses. During the two hours she hit on many issues that are so critical to quality of life after a cancer diagnosis.  Her presentation and the level of sharing and engagement of those in attendance exceeded my expectations by far.

Robin Long

Program Manager, Caring Connections

Hi, I’m Stephanie McLeod-Estevez.

In my work, it’s a blessing to meet incredible women who are at a crucial crossroad in their lives. This crossroad might come from a breast cancer diagnosis, unhealthy relationship experiences, perfectionism, or deep loss that has them questioning who they are.

On the outside, the world around them sees them as capable and strong. On the inside, they’re reckoning with the emotional pain that comes from feeling like all they can do is survive, not thrive. This is exquisitely painful. And yet, deep within is an ember of belief that they are capable of feeling better and more whole.

In our work together, we untangle the emotional web that has kept my clients feeling trapped. By loosening up the internal tension, we examine the core beliefs that restrict my clients from being their authentic selves. We use art therapy to deeply listen to the stories that must be told to find relief from the pain and nurture the skills they need to feel liberated and alive. 

My greatest hope is for everyone to realize that with the right kind of guidance and support, they can live more boldly than they ever thought possible. This brings forth a deep reservoir of faith that not only benefits everyone’s life, but also the lives of everyone around them.

Since 2004, I’ve honed my craft of supporting clients through times of adversity with dignity and grace. It’s a blessing to partner with clients as they courageously embrace what they’ve needed to grow. It’s an honor to have held space for the transformation that comes into their lives. 

I obtained my Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA.  In 2016, I opened Creative Transformations, my cancer-focused emotional healing business. My work and clinical skills are informed by the diversity in the clients I’ve served. I am profoundly grateful for all that my clients have taught me and the work that we’ve done together.

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